This website is a  volunteer effort to help our neighbors get the most out of living at the Summit.  Find errors, have suggestions or wish to volunteer? Email (Last updated February 8, 2016)

Check bulletin boards & newsletters for details 
Owners: Please attend as many Board meetings as possible.
Dec.31 – 2014/15 bicycle stickers expired . Renew now!
Feb.14 -- Valentine's Day Party (RSVP)
Feb.17 -- Board Meeting
Feb.21 – Summit "Treasures & Trash" Flea Market

Feb.28 -- Academy Awards at Cafe (until 10)

Mar.1 -- Turtle Nesting Season starts -- Have window coverings? Leave porch lights off.
March 16 -- Board Meeting
March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day Party
Mar.27 -- Children's Easter Egg Hunt
April 1 -- 2nd quarter maintenance assessment due
June 1 -- Hurricane Season starts -- Have hurricane windows and/or shutters?

See below for:
Summit Facilities and Hollywood Resources
Some of Summit's Facilities as of November 25, 2015
 -Most open 24 hours, unless noted. Many not available to units with over 90-day late payments.
    Beach side of building
    > 2 Tennis courts – round robin 8-11am
    > Golf putting green & pitching net
    > Bocce court - supplies south front desk
    > Shuffleboard court – closed for renovation
    > Half basketball court - supplies south front desk
    > Horseshoe pit - supplies south front desk
    > Daytime (only) bike rack (6am-10pm)
    Pool deck 4th floor – access requires FOB , No glass containers, Music with headphones only  Food allowed only under Cafe canopy   East & west tables for Cafe patrons when open.
    > 2 swimming pools – no lifeguards.   Obey all rules, including limit on hours of operation.
    > Cafe – visit or call  954.921.4737 for pickup, preorder, delivery or catering. Now,on winter scedule Wednesday to Sunday 8:30-5, closed Monday, Tuesday 8:30-4:00
    > Wi-Fi hot spot – near Cafe, SummitOpticaltel    Other hotspots in 3rd floor card rooms (see below)
    > Grills -- available by reservation from office
    On 3rd floors – both towers, some require FOB
    > Cardio & Weight Gyms -- men's shower/sauna next to cardio gym, women's  next to weight gym
    > 2 Card rooms - east rooms have Wi-Fi hot spots
    > Lounges –  residents may rent – see office
    > Ping-pong -- north tower only,  supplies front desk
    > Game rooms -- both towers, includes video game consoles, games available from  front desks
    On 2nd floors both towers
    > Libraries – borrow/leave books, wired internet
    > Billiard rooms -- equipment available front desks
    In Garage (see office with questions)
    > Craft Room – 3rd floor  west
    > Bike Storage – Free registration, 4 rooms 3rd floor, FOB access. Walk bikes in garage.
    > Parking spaces – For rent. Outside lots for guests.
    > Kayak Storage – For rent, 3rd floor NE corner
    > Beach Bins – For rent, 1st floor east corners.
    > Soda vending machines next to 1st floor  entrances

      Some Hollywood Resources
      To find what there is to do outside the Summit see "Around Hollywood" bulletin boards in mailrooms and brochures of activities in lobby of next door Community Center (954.921.3600.) Online also see:
      > Next door Library -- weekdays 10-6
      > Webcam of beach
      > Hollywood map and ongoing events
      > Hollywood Beach Theatre Schedule
      > Hollywood Beach Parks & Centers
      > Hollywood Tourist Site
      > Condos of Hollywood Beach -- We are member

      > Local Rotary Club -- Tuesday noon
      > Local Toastmasters Club -- Thursday noon
      > Ft.Lauderdale River Walk